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Speaker Series

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The Museum's free Speaker Series offers in 2023, its 20th year, presenters covering a wide range of aviation and space topics.  The Series begins in April and continues through November on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm, except when that  day is a federal holiday.  These presentations, held at the Lockheed Martin Auditorium at 2323 Eastern Blvd. in Middle River, MD are FREE and open to the public. A photo ID is required for entry into the facility.. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 

 2023 Speaker Series

April 12 - 7 PM -Regina Wirtanen Buker - Skytrain Pilots: Unsung Heroes of D-Day 

More Information         Biography

June 14 - 7 PM - Gustavus McLeod

More information to come

    Directions to the  2023 speaker series:

Lockheed Martin Auditorium

2323 Eastern Blvd

Middle River, MD 21220

Past Speakers

World War I

William Armstrong        Maryland in WWI


World War II

Nedda Thomas            Hump Pilot (Flying the Hump) 

Rick Beyer                  Ghost Army of World War II

Dr. Roger Miller           Berlin Airlift 1948-1949

Bob Dorr                    Mission to Berlin

Bernie Sledzik             Battle of the Bulge

Jerome Beser              Radar Operator Lt. Jacob Beser

Ellis Woodward           Combat School, Flying Hell

Amy Nathan               Yankee Doodle Gals

Jack Burkert               Baltimore’s Big Three Industries

Tom Culbert               PanAfrica 1941

Maureen O’Prey          Allied women in WWII 

Patrick Weadon           Battle of Midway

Wolfgang Samuel        German Boy, my story of survival in WWII                                       and the postwar years

Kevin Grantham          The Development of the Fisher P-75A 

Chuck Trainor           The Battle of Midway                                

Martin Airplanes

Jack Breihan​               The Martin 202, Martin's Biggest Mistake

Dr. Roger Miller           Billy Mitchell and Martin Planes

Norman Augustine       Martin Aviation History

Stan Piet                     Martin Aviation History

Leon Shulman              B-26 Pilot

Stan Piet                     The Seamaster and Martin Seaplane

Stan Piet                     The Glenn L. Martin Story - 1910 - 1960s

Stan Talk 9-5.jpeg

Stan Piet   "The Seamaster and Martin Seaplane"

Past Zoom Speaker Videos
  • The Battle of Midway - On Monday, February 1, 2021, as a virtual presentation, speaker Chuck Trainor, presented the Battle of Midway Midway.  Zoom Video
  • Mike Simon, National Electronics Museum
    Radar During the Vietnam Wa
    Zoom Speaker Series March 1, 2021on YouTube


Tom Jones                    Next Earth

                                   The Astronaut

                                   Panel on Pluto Project

                                   Human Space Exploration

                                   Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM)

                                    Mining the Skies

                                    Charting a Course in Space

                                    Near Earth
Apollo 11 mission, “One Giant Leap'
                                    Space shuttle stories

                                  Back to the Moon—How, When, and Why 

Don Thomas                The Day a Woodpecker Attacked the Space Shuttle

Dr. Michael Stanford        Last Rockets to the Moon

Massimo Stiavelli            James Webb Space Telescope

Cheryl Reed                   DART Project

Jason Kalirai                  Hubble Space Telescope

Robert Ferrier &Team   Rocket To Venus


Mike Scassero                University of Maryland

Aaron Harrington         Aberdeen Proving Ground

Belinda & Terry Kilby      Elevated Element

Misc. Aviation Themes

Al Pollard                        Martin State Airport

Donna Suwall                 The 99's

Carl Bobrow                   Gen. George Owen Squier, Military Aviation Pioneer

Barry Lanman                 Recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross

Susan Maule                   Women Airline Pilots

Vic Kilkowski                   Maryland Air National Guard

and Guy Walsh 

Susan Loricchio               The Golden Age of Aviation

Philip Allen                      Volunteer animal transport pilot

Captain Jeff Long           Helicopter pilot for WJZ TV 

Peter Plostins                  Computational modeling and testing of aerospace system 

Tom Jones                      Nuclear Bomber Down: The Cold War Comes to 1964  Maryland Jane Toskes                  Air Race Classic          

Ernie Snowden              The Winged Brothers

Erin Miller                     Author of Final Flight Final Fight: My grandmother, the WASP,                                          and Arlington National Cemetery

Gustavus McLeod          “A pilots journey of self discovery - Solo to The North Pole”

Stan Piet                       The SPTVAR

Rodney Jones                The legacy of the International Air Association

Jimmy Mathis                 Record Flight Across the US

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