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About the Museum

GLMMAM's Mission, Vision and Values



Educate, Inspire and Preserve


  • Educate people of all ages about aviation and space endeavors in Maryland; past, present, and future.


  • Inspire people of all ages by delivering experiences that nurture and accelerate aerospace “dreams”.


  • Preserve Maryland aerospace history and artifacts.



Transition into The Maryland Aerospace Heritage Center


  • Become the historical anchor and regional center of aerospace education excellence in Maryland.


  • Celebrate the aviation and spaceflight heritage of Maryland.


  • Provide exceptional aerospace experiences for all. 


  • Enthusiastically support the growth of Maryland aerospace industry, and challenge all generations to “Look to the Stars”.



  • Opportunity

A skilled, motivated, diverse Volunteer team is the “backbone” of our museum.We provide opportunity for all to share their talents and ideas.


  • Service

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s aerospace professionals. We support and encourage them to achieve their goals.


  • Integrity

We conduct our business with sound and fair principles.We welcome all visitors with courtesy and respect.


  • Continuous Improvement

To remain current and relevant, we constantly look to improve our operations and systems.We welcome visitor and staff feedback for new ideas and trends.


  • Excellence

We have a unique opportunity to present our legacy, and to influence the next generation.The museum experience we offer must be innovative and exceptional for all.

Maryland has a rich aviation and aerospace history, which the Museum has been preserving since 1990.


Much of this aviation history was made in Middle River, Maryland by the Glenn L. Martin Company (later Martin Marietta).


You can discover and explore  this history in the Museum where you will find history you can touch, and more than a dozen aircraft on display, including three built by the Glenn L. Martin Company in Middle River.


The Museum's archives, containing plans, documents, research models, aircraft tools, and components, as well as an indexed collection of more than 200,000 aviation and company photographs, is an important resource for researchers.


The Museum offers educational programs for all ages, from a free monthly speaker series to special tours for schools and other groups. 

The Museum is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization with the I.R.S. and as a charity with the state of Maryland.


Board Chair              


Board of Directors   

                                     John Bartkowiak

                                     Ted Cooper

                                     John Einhaus

                                     Phyllis Fullem
                                     Jerry Hinshaw

                                     Jim Jurkowski

                                     Tom Jones

                                     Kevin O’Neill

                                     Stan Piet

                                     Lt. Col. Jeffrey Woolford

Museum Secretary        Craig Jackson  


Executive Director                              Gustavus McLeod

Deputy Executive Director                  John Einhaus

Director of Administration                   Nancy Zellinger

Director of Archives                            Stan Piet

Director of Facilities/Operations         Jim Hayes

Director of Finance                                Ted Cooper

Director of Public Relations                  Debi Wynn

Director of Technology                          Phyllis Fullem

Museum Guides                                      Paul Besse

Treasurer                                              Mary Boyle  

Volunteer Coordinator                           Kristine Connely

GLMMAM belongs to the following associations:

AASLH - American Association For State and Local History 

Chesapeake Gateway 

GBHA - Greater Baltimore History Alliance 


Maryland Nonprofits 


SMA - Small Museum Association 

GLMMAM in the News

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