• “Wind Wagons to Rockets” Tour 

                       (2 hours)

             $7.00 per adult

             $5.00 for children under 12


This presentation explores how aviation and The Glenn L. Martin Company changed society and communities over time. A trip to the flight line at Strawberry Point features introduces the 15 aircraft on display and discusses the differences and improvement in aircraft.  


  • B-26 Assembly Team Workshop  

                      (2.5 hours)

            $10.00 per adult

            $ 8.00 for children under 12


This workshop features a tour of the museum; a presentation outlining the need for bombers before WWII; teamwork and role-playing assembling a large-scale model of the B-26 Marauder Airplane.

Option:  Add one hour to your visit and add a tour of the flight line for an additional charge $20.00 per group.


Special accommodations for the day and time of your tour. Call Nancy Zellinger.

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