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Saturday, March 25 at 12 - 2pm

Rosie the Riveter Day

For this national oberservation designated by the US Congress, Marylanders are encouraged to attend as the Museum recognizes the women of World War II who served on the warfront doing jobs never before done by women. Although these amazing "We Can Do It!" ladies of all ages did a variety of jobs, they all are known as Rosie the Riveters. Families who have a relative who worked during the war are requested to contact the Museum with an rsvp for their Rosie if she can attend or to bring her photo, story and any memorabilia to share and promote her contribution to the war effort during this meet and greet living history day. Get into the spirit of the event and dress as a Rosie!  Hear about the approved Rosie the Riveter national monument under development in DC. Regular admission day. Rosies and members of the American Rosie the Riveter Association are free. 

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