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This helicopter was built and served in Vietnam as an AH-1G, a dedicated gunship. In August 1969 it was assigned to the 187 th Assault Helicopter Company stationed at Tay Ninh, and was shot down on February 12, 1971.  It was brought back to the US and repaired, and later upgraded to the S. It was acquired by the museum in October 2021 and joined the flight line in April 2023.
  •  The G entered service in Vietnam in1967 and served until the end of the war. Of the 824 delivered, 303 were lost from all causes.
  • The nose turret had a 40mm grenade launcher and an M-134 Gatling gun. The turret was linked to the gunner’s helmet, so where the gunner looked, the turret turned in that direction. It had stub wings with pods carrying 7 and 19 rockets on each side.
  • Its roles including protecting helicopters transporting troops to and from landing zones, securing the zone, and providing direct support to ground forces.
  • Compared to the UH-1 C/M gunships, the AH-1 was faster, carried more armament, the crew was two rather than four, and the fuselage was 60% narrower, making for a smaller target.
  • The S had a more powerful engine.
  •  All Gs were retired in the early 1970s.
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