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The Rosie the Riveter Story         Began in 1941 with
           Glenn L. Martin

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter

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Sister Alice Klein shares her story of being recruited by Mr. Martin to be on his basketball and softball teams.

               The Rosie Story Continues


The Museum has been highlighting and sharing the Rosie story and Martin's contribution to women's history for 15 years, with a special display honoring the women included with the 2012 exhibit "They Answered the Call", a tribute to workers on the World War II  homefront at the Glenn L. Martin Company. In 2003, the Museum became home base for the Baltimore Chapter of the American Rosie the Riveter Association ( These women who lived the experience and family members of Rosies no longer with us share their WWII stories with Museum visitors during special Rosie events. Women who worked or volunteered during the war, their relatives and friends are always welcome to attend Rosie meetings, to share in the special WWII experience comradery and to continue to promote the Rosie legacy and preserve the Rosie stories. Rosie gatherings are posted on this website under the "Visit" tab/Special Program Dates.

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