Aviation Pioneer Appointed New Director at Aviation Museum


The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum at Martin State Airport is launching into summer under new leadership. Beginning as a volunteer six years ago, Executive Director John Einhaus, has retired from this role after guiding the Museum through the challenges of the Covid pandemic impacting Museum operations. The Museum’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Gus McLeod was elected as the new Executive Director. For this appointment, McLeod shares “ I am humbled by the faith the Board of Directors has in me during this unique time in the Museum’s history.  I will strive to be worthy of that trust and do all I can to further the Museum’s place as a center for the archiving and promotion of Maryland Aerospace.”


Looking to the Museum’s future, he said “It is the long term goal of the Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum to open a Maryland Aerospace Heritage Center, a Museum expansion to celebrate Maryland’s Aerospace Heritage for Maryland and the world through preservation, new exhibits and education programs, community outreach and events. It is a celebration for all Marylanders as we showcase spectacular contributions to Aerospace made by the people of Maryland. The Museum is working to acquire a location at Martin State Airport.  Given the impact of Glenn L Martin on Maryland and American Aviation -  it is fitting that a facility dedicated to the continued strengthening of Maryland Aerospace be located there.  In my new position with the museum, I invite community residents to visit, stay and participate and join us as we strive to further enrich Maryland Aerospace. We welcome all to be a member of our volunteer program offering many opportunities to keep you intrigued, energized, enlightened and informed.”


When asked what he believes is a museum’s greatest contribution, McLeod replied: “In preserving historical artifacts, we honor our past and inspire our future.  The Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum has been doing that for 32 years.”


McLeod brings to the Museum his experience as a business owner, CEO for various companies, chief test pilot, and Medevac Captain. He also was a science teacher in DC public schools.  His teaching experience with youth helped to shape his vision for the Museum to be an exciting and engaging learning center to educate and inspire young people to seek aerospace careers and to encourage and challenge their vision of future flight. As the youth of today is the generation that will return to the Moon and land on Mars, McLeod sees the Museum serving as a tributary of students for Maryland’s numerous flight schools, mechanical training centers and business schools.


The Museum’s new Executive Director is no stranger to taking on aviation challenges. He is a 21st century aviation pioneer and among his six Aviation World Record Firsts, he set a record in 2000 when flying to the North Pole in an open cockpit bi-plane. McLeod has received many honors and awards including Nomination for Distinguished Flying Cross – First Civilian since Amelia Earhart, Aviation Pioneer Award, Trail Blazer Award from the Black Pilots of America, a Congressional Recognition by the U.S. House of Representatives, the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Tuskegee Airmen and the  Medal of Distinction from the Air Force Association. He also received Citations from the State of Maryland’s Senate and House of Delegates. He was honored by the City of Gaithersburg and Montgomery County with each presenting a Gus McLeod Day.                                                            


McLeod is very supportive of community endeavors and has served as Past President of the East Coast Chapter Tuskegee Airmen Inc. and as a member of the Air Force Association, Aero Club Of Washington, the Civil Air Patrol, Upper Montgomery County Citizen Advisory Board, National Press Club,  Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Gaithersburg Business Development Counsel, Experimental Aircraft Association and in early 2022 he became a Board Member of the Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum.


The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum was organized as a non-profit in 1990 and opened to the public in 1993. Over the past 32 years it has been fueled by endless hours invested by volunteers who have guided its growth from the Airport’s donated small exhibit space in Hangar 5, expanding into the outdoor flightline and the Archives Library of donated artifacts. In 2006 a restoration and exhibit development workshop space was provided by Lockheed Martin and in recent years Lockheed Martin provided additional space for archival storage. The Board of Directors and volunteers are excited for this next decade of expansion under Gus McLeod’s guidance. Public visiting hours to the Airport’s located exhibit galleries and flightline are Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 3pm. For additional information www.mdairmuseum.org.