Monday Speaker Series -- notable guests

Some of those who have appeared at the Museum:
  • Norm Augustine, author and former CEO of Lockheed Martin Corp., talked about the future of the industry and the importance of education.
  • Ron Ball focused on the history of the Maryland Air National Guard.
  • Historian Jack Breihan detailed the story of the Martin 2-O-2 and 4-O-4 and how the airliners almost broke the Martin Company.
  • Hurricane hunter pilot and scientist Barry Choy told what it's like to experience weather up close.
  • Mary Cleave talked about her time as an astronaut and NASA administrator.
  • Author Bob Dorr expounded on his latest book, "Mission to Berlin."
  • Dr Herb Frey, a NASA Goddard scientist, spoke about Mars, including recent events, stunning imagery, and results from the two Mars Rovers.
  • Retired astronaut, scientist and Essex native Tom Jones talked about space mining.
  • Elaine Harmon, a WWII WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots), talked about her own and other’s pioneering experiences flying a wide variety of aircraft including fighters, bombers, transports, and trainers.
  • Larry Kelly, owner and operator of the B-25 Mitchell “Panchito,” talked about the history of the B-25.
  • Astrophysicist Jason Kalirai related Hubble's latest news.
  • Retired Generals Vic Kilkowski and Guy Walsh and Col. Kevin Campbell compare the Maryland Air National Guard over the decades.
  • Jack King spoke about his personal experiences during more than a half century of flight, including unusual stories as a Martin Flight Test pilot for the airline transports and Navy XP4M1 patrol bombers.
  • UMBC Professor Barry Lanman detailed the recipients of the Distriguished Flying Cross chronicled in his new book.
  • Brigadier General V. Wayne Lloyd spoke about his experiences and observations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and Qatar.
  • Dr. Jeffery Masek, NASA scientist, on Maryland and the earth sciences from space.
  • Susan Maule, who began by soloing 16 airplanes on her 16th birthday, is a US Airways Captain/International First Officer who spoke about her family's history in aviation.
  • Dr. Roger Miller, retired Air Force historian, explored the topic of Billy Mitchell and his use of the Martin bomber; he also explored the topic of the Berlin Airlift.
  • Mary Nichols and Julia Yoder led a panel of "Rosie the Riveters," women who were employed at the Glenn L. Martin Company during WWII.
  • Gary Powers Jr. on his father’s U-2 incident, spy planes, and spy satellites.
  • Stan Piet, museum archivist and photographer, showed photographs from air shows he visited.
  • Leon Shulman recounted his days as a B-26 pilot.
  • Dr. Mike Stanford detailed the last rockets to the moon.
  • Joseph Thomas, AAI Corporation, discussed the history, current uses, and future of remotely piloted craft.
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Panelists described the varied experiences of women in aviation.