Welcome to the Museum!

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Founded in 1990, The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum is a private, non-profit, tax exempt Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) corporation. The Museum's purpose is to maintain an educational institution dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and documentation of aviation and space history in Maryland, namely, the contributions of Glenn L. Martin and his successful company.
Operated by dedicated volunteers, the Museum is active in the cultural life of surrounding communities and has begun to extend its activities state-wide. The Museum is certified by the U.S. Navy and Army. All funds required for the acquisition, restoration, maintenance, and display of museum material are derived from individual and corporate donations. Members of the Museum share a desire to preserve aviation history and we welcome all those who share the same interests.

Where we are

The Museum is located at historic Martin State Airport in Middle River, built by the Martin Company. The address is 701 Wilson Point Road, Hangar 5, Suite 531, Middle River, MD 21220. Phone: 410-682-6122 Click here for directions and a map.


The Museum is open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. Admission is $3, $1 for those 12 to 6 years old and FREE to children 5 and under. There may be an additional charge for special programs. The admission entitles visitors to explore the main Museum and adjacent Gallery and receive a guided tour of the airplanes in the flight line at Strawberry Point. On certain days the Restoration Gallery is also available to visitors over 18 years old.

Check the Calendar for special events or call our Events Hotline at 410-682-8699.
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The F-105G sits on the Strawberry Point Flight Line. CLICK HERE to see them all.

The history of aviation in Maryland

Home to the world's oldest airport, three major aircraft manufacturers and many smaller ones, the first commuter airline, and countless other aviation innovations, Maryland has a rich aviation and space heritage in danger of loss (see information on the new museum initiative).

The Museum has collected over a dozen aircraft, thousands of reels of motion picture films, plans, documents, research models, aircraft tools, and components; and a gigantic indexed collection of more than 200,000 aviation and company photographs. These archives have supported documentary films and numerous publications. Without the efforts of the Museum, these research materials would not be available to the public; many of the collection's artifacts would have been destroyed.

But much remains to be preserved and the collection is growing.


The Museum's educational efforts seek to inspire visitors - particularly young people. The Museum's core exhibits are supplemented by rotating displays. The Museum's educational mission provides a superb monthly SPEAKER SERIES featuring notable speakers on important aerospace topics. Thousands of visitors have toured the Museum or attended the lectures. They include school groups, aviation enthusiasts and professionals, veterans, and senior citizens.
For additional information on educational programs CLICK HERE or call us at 410-682-6122.

By visiting and participating in the Museum's events, you consent and authorize without restriction or compensation to the possible use of your and your accompanying group's image appearing in photograph, audio, video or other formats which may be included in future media or marketing.